Everywhere in the world, amazing and wonderful things continue to unfold.

I appreciate the sublime
and things that are remarkable, smart, inventive or just beautiful. I also like to keep track of process and things that inspire. I also have a running set of helpful resources for UX design.

This site will give you a constant feed of amazing things in fields as varied as interaction design, web design, product design, business innovation, fine art, the humanities, and science.

My name's Jaireh. By day, I'm a Lead UX Designer for a big bookstore a big telecom company. I have also been: a designer of many things like this and this.Welcome to my internet Wunderkammer.

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Interaktives Werkzeugset für die Schule (by Tobias Precht)

Cascades Demo: Rich UI Development for BlackBerry Apps (by BlackBerry)

amazing ebook ui [KAIST ITC] Smart E-Book Interface Prototype Demo (by expanne)

neat interactive still life using unity 3d engine (via NOTCOT.ORG)

amazing breakout technology — transparent glass from Samsung - unveiled at CES